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Ultrasonic humidifier is popular on the market, with low power consumption, low noise, humidification obvious 
and characteristic of negative oxygen ions.
It is a mature technology in the world. Compare with the form of heated nebulization, it saves 90% of the energy. 
What’s more, during its atomization, it releases a large number of negative ions, and occur the electrostatic reaction with the air floating smog and dusts with making them deposit.

Meanwhile, it can also effectively remove formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, bacteria and other harmful substances, by this way it can make the air clean 
and reduce the occurrence of disease.

Nebula Humidification Devices Usage Areas:

- Preventing static electricity in the electronic industry
- Improve dust control and production quality in textile
- For dust control and production quality in the paint industry
- Static electricity prevention in paper production, dust controland for production quality
- To improve paper production quality
- Preparation of suitable conditions for laboratory
- Elimination of static electricity in plastic productionand to ensure humidity control
- Preventing the drying of foods in the food industryand for a fresh appearance
- For ripening and quality improvement of products in banana rooms
- To increase production efficiency in mushroom rooms
- HVAC industry: Central air conditioning humidification,computer room central air conditioning humidification and staticelectrical prevention
Greenhouse and agricultural industry
- In the creation of incubation for chicken production