Refrigeration Components
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Liquid Receivers

Liquid receiver are used to send liquid phase refrigerant to the expansion valve. Also liquid receivers can stock the refrigerant inside when there is a repair needed in the system. It is not alloved to fill the liquid receivers over 90% at 40°C.

Oil Receivers

In multi compressor systems, oil receivers are used to stock the excessive oil in the system and when needed the system can be feed with the oil inside. Oil can be filled up to 100%. If requested level control connection to lower level and upper level can be attached to the product. Oil receivers have to be fixed vertically

Oil Seperators

In the liquid side of the system oil seperators are used the the outlet side of the compressors. Oil separators are used to separate the oil that is pressurised and pushed out with the refrigerant. Oil separators are recovering the pushed oil and feeds the compressor with the same oil. Oil separators have to be installed vertically and before take in to operation oil separators have to be filled with the requred amount of oil mensioned in the catalogue.YAG 1A series oil separators are the most simple oil separators and they are equipped with a 1/4inches SAE connection for oil return.

Oil Filters

The main function of oil filters is to filter unwanted particuler in the oil system like burrs and welding spots and to protect the compressor againg such mechanical components.

Oil Regulators

Mechanical oil regulators used to feed oil to the compressors when needed. It works with a float ball and in standart the inlet is 3/8” SAE for these regulators.

Suction Accumulators

The function of a suction accumulator is to eliminate entering of the liquid phase refrigerant or oil in to the comressor. Suction acculator lets gas ghase refrigerant with required amount of oil to enter to the compressor. When you install a suction accumulator to a system before the operation its needed to be filled with required amount of oil in to the accumulator. These amount are mensioned in the catalogue. As an option you can have suction accumulator with upper and lower level sight glasses and liquid level controls as well.


Mufflers are compensating peak pressures made by compressor and give a balanced pressure to the system. By that way mufflers eliminate high vibrations occured due to peak pressure levels. In bigger models there is a copper oil drail tube at the outlet please install the bigger muffler by placing this copper t oto downside.

Filter Drier Shells

Filter drier shells are generally used to place and fix the drier cores to filter the unwanted particules in the system to move forward and to absorb the humidity and the other chemicals in the refrigerant. We have shells for H48 series and for H100 series for one core, for two cores, for three core and for four cores in standarts.

Safety Valve

The main purpose of using safety valves is to evacuate the over-pressure mechanically, without any control of electronics in the place of use. Due to safety reasons (propabilty of burst) in over pressure is a unwanted situation in a refrigeration system.

Refillable Cylinders

These cylinders are use to re-fill the CFC-HFC-HCFC refrigerants including R410. Many countries to not permit to use one time used cylinders anymore. And these cylinders are going to be used instead of them. You will not throw away the empty cylinder you will refill and re-use it for 10 years time. According to the order the product can be equipped with valve for gas phase outlet, valve for liquid phase outlet or with double valve that enable both gas phase and liquid phase outlets

Oil Check Valve

These oil check valves are attached to the oil receivers and they are produced with 3/8” SAE connections. The function of the oil check valve is to transfer the overpressure to the suction side and by that way enabling the required pressure difference inside the oil receiver.

Rotolock Valves

The main function is to be a part of a system where you can close the line and to unscrew the components. According to the model of the valves it will be without service valve connection, with one service connection or with two service connections. The service connections are 1/4”SAE connections.


As the mechanical oil regulators are produced with 3 – 4 hole to fix these adapters allows you to use menchanical regulatros with other compressors which have threaded connection.