Refrigeration Lubricants

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Superior oils that can beused up to 220 °C air outlet temparature for screw and palletized compressors. Manufactured using special oils and additives, provides outstaning oxidation stability and protection against wear ISO 46,68 are recommended for screw and palletized compressors while ISO 100, 150 are recommended for piston types.

CPR Sint

PAO based fully synthetic compressor oils used for lubricating air compressors. Compatible with mineral oils.



Fully sunthetic Polyol Ester (POE) based refrigeration compressor oils. Fully miscible with HFC 134a gas even at very low temperatures. Ensures very good level of lubrication and long service life.


Naphthenic based oils blended specially for refrigeration compressors and ecovates. Fully compatible with CFC and Ammonium refrigerating gases.


Synthetic cavuum pump oil extremely resistant to oxidation and aging. Blended with very high viscosity index oils, ashless anti-wear and anti-oxidant additives.