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Various Models for Customers' Needs
Various models are ready with many options and customers can select the models
on their demands(number and capacity of relays, network communication, price, and etc.)

Aux Relay for Various Outputs
An auxiliary relay is versatile and can be used for control in many applications
(light, defrost, alarm, fan, drain, 2 step in compressor, and etc.)

Digital Input for Event(Status) Signals
With a digital auxiliary input, users can check the events or status such 
as alarm, door switch, curtain switch, defrost syn, and etc.

Built-In Buzzer
A buzzer is built in and users can check the status without an additional buzzer.

Powerful Defrost
Smart Cellar have really powerful defrost functions including natural, heater, and hot gas defrost. Defrost detection logic for energy cost saving is embedded. 

If an RS485 communication module is installed, it can be easily monitored remotely by PC.