Solenoid Valve
27,50 USD + KDV
Satış birimi: adet
Marka: Refnox
ART No: 3132
  • RSV solenoid valves are used on the liquid, air suction or hot gas defrost line of a freezer, cold store and air conditioning units on domestic and industrial aplications.

  • Maximum design temperature of RSV solenoid valves are 105℃.

  • RSV solenoid valves have various voltage types and the valve body is universal.

  • Valve seat of Model RSV solenoid valves are well sealed with perfect sealing performance and long time warranty.

  • Available in flare and solder conection tpyes.

  • RSV Selanoid valves are NC type.

  • RSV solenoid valves are direct-operated or servo-operated valves, which is applicable to one direction flow.

  • %100 mesh filter is contained at the suction end, which is replaceable

  • The clamped joint solenoid is easy to be mounted or dismounted only with one screwdriver.